Entrepreneurs Night Out

Next event will be held in … waiting for situation to stabilize!

Our host venue will be:

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2021 (Monday 19:00h)

Photo’s and memories from our past meetings

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The 25th of October 2021, 19:00h, Bar de Rouge, Sofia

Welcome this month and take advantage of the opportunity to meet, share experience and have a drink with people from various spheres of business in the best venues in the center of Sofia. We guarantee:

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Free entry

We at Entrepreneurs Night Out value the communication between people and spending good time with the right people – and you are one of them!

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No restrictions

There are no restrictions regarding gender, age, social status, career, personal development, etc. Everyone is welcome as long as there is a desire.

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Informal environment

The environment which we create is informal and conducive to enjoyable and friendly conversations. This way, people relax and build a strong connection.

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Be part of something significant

Join us in our Facebook group with over 3000+ Entrepreneurs, who have been guests since the very beginning of the networking event. We exchange ideas, valuable business information, and discuss a variety of useful topics.


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