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„The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary.”

– Vince Lombardi

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More information about us

„Entrepreneurs Night Out” is a networking event in Sofia, Bulgaria, which aims to bring together, in one place, a community of exceptional people dedicated to business and entrepreneurship.

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Every month

On a Monday night in the second half of every month, people from a diverse range of business activities gather at select venues in the centre of Sofia to exchange contacts, experiences and ideas.

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Open to all

There are no restrictions regarding gender, age, social status, career, or occupation. All that’s required is an interest in business or your personal career development.

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Free of charge

Our events are FREE of charge and don’t require any registration.
Of paramount importance to us is communication and developing close ties between people within a congenial atmosphere.

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Relaxed atmosphere

We create an informal environment which is conducive to enjoyable and friendly conversation.
There’s no dress code!

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria by creating a supportive and active community.
That’s precisely the environment we have created!


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We’re very much looking forward to meeting you at our upcoming events!

Why Monday?

We’re determined to change most people’s perception of Monday being the worst day of the week.


To us, Monday is the BEST day!

The start of the new week symbolises new beginnings, new chances for success, new adventures, and new inspiration.

That’s why we always hold our monthly meetings on Mondays at 19:00.

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Why should I come to Entrepreneurs Night Out?

We believe in quality, and we are convinced that we’re quite different from anything you’ve ever known so far. Our community of forward looking, ambitious and entrepreneurial people is constantly expanding – and there’s a reason for that.


Find out for yourself at our next event, and give yourself the opportunity to experience something new and exciting!

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